Preserving Freshness

热卤一叮 & 加热即食

Each product is vacuum-sealed, ready to eat after just a simple heating

食用建议 Cook Instruction

解冻 Defrost

建议将冷冻食物提前12小时放置冰箱冷藏中解冻,解冻后可以继续在冷藏中存放3天。Leave the frozen product thaw in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Once thawed, please consume within 3 days.

加热 Re-heat

食物完全解冻后(敲黑板!!)剪开包装并将食物放置微波炉中,设置700W功率加热60秒。After the food is fully thawed (Important!!), open the packaging and put into the microwave. Heat at 700W for 60 seconds.

食用 Serve

将食物倒入盘子中,即可食用。为防止蒸汽烫伤,请小心将食物从袋子中倒出。Carefully remove from the packaging bag, let it stand for a minute, and enjoy your delicious Lualu meal!

Hassle Free and Packaged to Perfection

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Frequently asked question

每日鲜卤 Freshly 系列产品收到后放冰箱冷藏储存,可以存放4天

Freshly products can be stored for 4 days in the fridge after receiving.

热卤一叮 Heat & Eat 系列产品收到后放冰箱冷冻储存,可以存放1个月。解冻后可以继续冷藏储存3天。

Heat & Eat products can be stored for 1 month in the freezer. After defrosting, please consume within 3 days.


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